Allies and Assassins

Allies & Assassins

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Published in the UK 19 September 2013 (HB); 6 March 2014 (PB)


Published in the USA in 27 May 2014 (HB)

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers


They killed his brother. Now they’re coming for him.

As the second in line to the throne of Archenfield, Jared never expected to rule. But behind the walls of the palace is a dark and dangerous court where murder and intrigue are never far below the surface…

Now his older brother is dead. The kingdom is his. And the target is on his back. Can he find the assassin before the assassin finds him?





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“Heralded as the teen version of Game of Thrones, this new novel is from the author of Vampirates, and believe us when we say it has it all; murder, betrayal, intrigue, romance and political machinations galore. Worth reading if you’re a fan of multi layered plots with male and female heroes that prove to be both good and bad. It’s book one in a series so there’s lots more to come.” Anita Naik, Most Wanted


“Billed as ‘Game of Thrones for teens’, Allies and Assassins does not disappoint. It will surely appeal to fans of fantasy and yet would also delight fans of crime and mysteries as this is, at the heart of it, a murder mystery, chock full of suspicious circumstances, shifty suspects and red herrings. The world building is tight and intriguing, as is the hierarchy and wealth of characters portrayed throughout. The shifting points of view are clearly depicted and help enrich the storyline as the tension ramps up. Allies and Assassins is the beginning of a thrilling new fantasy series for young adults that deserves to be a great success and every bit as popular as Somper’s fabulous Vampirates series.” Becca Watts, We Love This Book


Brilliant murder-mystery intro to new YA fantasy seriesAllies and Assassins unexpectedly and brilliantly avoids many of the usual trappings of the fantasy genre by turning unexpectedly into a murder mystery as the inexperienced Prince Jared teams up with Asta, the 16 year-old niece and assistant to the Physician Elias Peck. It’s not a conventional murder-mystery either, since the motivations of the killer could be related to complex affairs of state between different lands, personal enmities and grudges, ambitions for power and succession, even secret affairs and romantic complications… As a way to introduce the series, this is a fine way to uncover and elaborate on the roles of the main characters, laying out the ambitions and the personal enmities that are likely to have significance once the story settles into a more traditional fantasy of warring kingdoms. I would expect however that the follow-up book might well demonstrate a similarly inventive and thrilling take on the fantasy genre.” Amazon – Top 500 Reviewer


“Superlative world-building and an intriguing storyline that grabs the reader from the beginning, this is an imaginative first book in a fantasy sequence that has huge potential.” John McLay


“I absolutely fell in love with this book. It had romance, mystery, murders and royalty… who could ask for more? I was quite shocked to find out who the culprit was… I would definitely say that this was one of the best books I’ve read in 2013… I can’t wait for the sequel and I’m going to feel so empty without another story of Archenfield!” Kim-Anh, GoodReads, 5 ***** review


Dark, Hidden and delightful – Its definitely something different to what has come before yet the Somper magic is within, the prose is great, the pace solid and the crime aspect with the twists and turns works well on so many levels. Add to this a solid lead character that the reader will not only sympathise with but also root for and you think you might have it all but for me, it’s the supporting cast that really make this book. Everyone has secrets that they don’t want revealed and the hunt for the truth will shine light into the dark places where those in power do not wish. All round a great book and definitely a magical new offering that will more than entertain especially with its cliffhanger ending. Damn you Justin, I want the next outing now…” Gareth Wilson, Falcata Times, Amazon – Top 500 Reviewer


“Oh how much better the actual book was compared to my expectations! When anything claims to be the new thing, just as this proclaimed to be Game of Thrones for teens, I’m automatically judgemental. What it failed to say though was that this was a brilliantly executed fantasy style whodunit! Who killed the Prince, and how, and why? So many questions to answer and so many possibilities that we have to cycle through to finally find out the truth. I am definitely going to keep an eye out for the sequel.” Shannon, GoodReads


“I loved Allies and Assassins so much, it is unbelievable. The writing was fantastic… My two favourite characters were probably Jared and Asta. For main reasons because Jared is a middle child so often feels like he isn’t good enough for his new position, and Asta was just really sweet and in my head I could always imagine in my head them getting together and it was surprising and fun to see what happened between them. Overall I loved this book the mystery and the thrill, (there were) times when I was scared to read the book and yet still couldn’t put it down!” Agahpay, Atomics reviewer


“Personally I found that the characters themselves are very interesting, each of whom (has an) intriguing back story, allowing all readers at least one character they can connect with. The plot is also full of twists and turns, never allowing the reader to figure out who the culprit is until the last minute. Each time I attempted to guess, my choice would be vetoed at the next hurdle. There is no doubt that Somper keeps the audience guessing which will of course ensure the novel is enjoyed…I have been drawn into the wonderful world of Archenfield.” Aamina, Atomics reviewer


“One of the main reasons I loved this book was that the action was fast paced and the events of the book happened over a short amount of time – a week… All the books characters were realistic and true to life. They all fitted seamlessly into the main storyline as well as creating sub-plots which added to the story and built on the characters personalities and the feeling that you are getting to know them. Overall I would give this book top marks – 10/10 – it was a fantastic read and I am eagerly anticipating the sequel.” Summer, Atomics reviewer


“The book was an emotion roller coaster. Justin created it with happiness, sadness and tension… If I could give a rating out of ten, I would give Allies and Assassins nine out of ten.” Georgia, Atomics reviewer


“The plot twists and turns are endless. As soon as you come up with one idea, more evidence is provided, keeping you engrossed in the book until the end. I really enjoyed the characters in the novel and can’t wait to find out where they end up. Although the action was not all the way through the book, it didn’t get boring; there was enough going on to keep you interested and make you want to read on. I can’t wait for the next book in the series.” Chloe, Atomics reviewer



  • David Chen

    I have to say, this is a fantastic book. I have read many books and my friends call be a book nerd and I this is a book that easily is in my top 25. Full of plot twists and action, this is a book everyone should read…..a NY bestseller is here :D

  • claudia

    amei vampiratas e vou ler aliados e assassinos asim que chegar no Brasil.
    Você alegrou muitas horas do meu dias nesses 6 livros maravilhosos…..até os proximos…

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