A Conspiracy of Princes

Allies & Assassins 2


Allies & Assassins 2

Published in the UK 19 March 2015 (PB)



In seven days, the princedom of Archenfield will be invaded by a deadly rival. 

In a race against time, Prince Jared must cross the border and recruit what strategic alliances he can.

 As the Prince and his team rides out, his cousin Axel Blaxland launches a bid for the throne. Each member of the Council of Twelve falls prey to manipulation as rivalries emerge and Asta Peck, newest member of the Twelve, finds herself plunged into conspiracy. She resolves to fight on Prince Jared’s behalf until he is able to defend himself.

In a game of power, only the strongest will survive.

Welcome back to Archenfield. Trust no-one.





UK Readers - PURCHASE A COPY of Allies & Assassins (Paperback Back Edition)

UK Readers - PURCHASE A COPY of Allies & Assassins (Kindle Edition)




“Heralded as the teen version of Game of Thrones, this new novel is from the author of Vampirates, and believe us when we say it has it all; murder, betrayal, intrigue, romance and political machinations galore. Worth reading if you’re a fan of multi layered plots with male and female heroes that prove to be both good and bad. It’s book one in a series so there’s lots more to come.” Anita Naik, Most Wanted


“Billed as ‘Game of Thrones for teens’, Allies and Assassins does not disappoint. It will surely appeal to fans of fantasy and yet would also delight fans of crime and mysteries as this is, at the heart of it, a murder mystery, chock full of suspicious circumstances, shifty suspects and red herrings. The world building is tight and intriguing, as is the hierarchy and wealth of characters portrayed throughout. The shifting points of view are clearly depicted and help enrich the storyline as the tension ramps up. Allies and Assassins is the beginning of a thrilling new fantasy series for young adults that deserves to be a great success and every bit as popular as Somper’s fabulous Vampirates series.” Becca Watts, We Love This Book


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