Allies and Assassins

I’m in a high old state of (nervous) excitement today as ALLIES & ASSASSINS is finally published in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. In truth, it’s a strange and heady mix of emotions when your new book comes out, especially perhaps  the first book in a new sequence. Exciting. Exhilarating. Sheer terrifying. I’ve been so lucky with the response I’ve had to VAMPIRATES from readers all over the world over the past eight years; I can only hope that ALLIES & ASSASSINS appeals and grips readers in a similar way. I think you’ll find some strong similarities to VAMPIRATES – a large cast of characters (including quite a lot of villains), a parallel world and young people reaching a crossroads in their lives, where they have to make key choices that will affect not only themselves but others too. But there are undoubtedly key differences between the sequences too. This is my first stab (pun intended) at a murder mystery, which was quite a challenge, I can tell you. I’ll leave you to judge if it works and, importantly, if I manage to keep you guessing as to the identity of the ultimate villain of the piece. We’ve already had some early reviews in, and I have to admit I’m delighted with them. Most Wanted said “this new novel… has it all; murder, betrayal, intrigue, romance and political machinations galore.” We Love This Book said “The world building is tight and intriguing, as is the hierarchy and wealth of characters portrayed throughout… Allies and Assassins is the beginning of a thrilling new fantasy series for young adults that deserves to be a great success and every bit as popular as Somper’s fabulous Vampirates series.” That’s really lovely to hear. Today, I’m sending a copy of the book to a very special person – a Welsh librarian who inspired this new writing journey. On a wet autumnal day in 2009, not unlike the London weather today, Hedd ap Emlyn told me about the Welsh tradition of ‘The Poet’s Chair’. The story of Prince Jared and his court began to take root that day. It’s my pleasure now to say thanks to Hedd for his inspiration and support and to officially open the gates of Archenfield to you. Come on in and take a wander through the palace, the Village of the Twelve and, further, to the forest and the fjord. I hope you hugely enjoy your visit but remember to watch your back at all times. You never know just who might be lurking in the shadows…

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